In the tradition of New Objectivity, Guido Sieber is influenced by the aesthetics of the real and the seemingly ugly, as well as by the graphic aesthetics of American pulp and pop culture. Sieber is political, aggressive and satirical in the exaggeration of his portrayals, which he brings to life on canvas with special color intensity in acrylic. He is concerned with real life and its protagonists. As a basis for his studies, Sieber uses photographs of people on the streets of Berlin as well as archive photographs from police files or glossy magazines, which he ironies and alienates. Sieber as a chronicler of our time.
Other topics in his work are illusions and illusions of advertising-influenced life forms, the desire for the superman in pop culture and its relation to real life, as well as violence in the fusion of fiction and reality.
Guido Sieber is an exception in the international art scene. As a painter and draftsman self-taught, Sieber has an extraordinary artistic talent with the utmost virtuosity.