Silence is the main motif of the Russian painter Nikolai Makarov. In the past few years, he developed his painting from a classic oil painting-technique to an elaborate process using acrylic paint and a spray gun, in which he applies the paint in several superimposed layers. In the process of creating his paintings, he first sketches an underpainting with black acrylic paint in order to determine the composition of the image and to create a dramaturgy of light with the means of arrangement of the chiaroscuro. Subsequently, water-thinned acrylic paints are applied in several layers and, if necessary, blurred, giving Makarov his paintings' characteristic sfumato effect. The final layer is formed by pigment dyes, which are washed into the canvas in the last step. The result is outlines that seem to blur and only come out of the picture when viewed. It is a place of quiet, a moment of silence.