Markus Fräger stages his pictures like excerpts from an American film noir. In a color spectrum reminiscent of David Lynch's stagings, he paints moments that resemble a film still. His references to Baroque painting always embody the ideal of the enlightenment. Through foreshortening, he achieves an extraordinary depth effect and expands the spaces illusionistically. In addition, there is a movement-rich figure style and the emphasis on light and shadow, with the characteristic light-dark contrast of the Chiaroscuro. Excerpts from Baroque paintings, reminiscent of Rubens, seem like foreign bodies in the depicted everyday scenes. Gabriele Czöppan wrote in the magazine FOCUS: "The Cologne painter Markus Fräger is a master of the canvas. His pictures are full of stories. Dark as a film noir, cool as Edward Hopper. The artist lives and works in Cologne.